“How Much is a Crown Going To Cost?”

My wife was at the hairdresser last week and overheard a conversation in the next chair between a stylist and client who was lamenting her self-diagnosed ‘soft teeth.’ She stated how unfair it was that her husband did not have the same affliction and, even worse, that there was nothing

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water cooler at drews dental services

Around the Water Cooler with the Business Team

One thing is for sure, you are never actually going to see all four of these ladies standing this far away from the phone at one time. It has been a busy start to the year, which means we want to make sure we’ve upped our game in the ‘front

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dds office staff winter scene

Winterize Your Mouth

Whether you keep up with Game of Thrones or not, Winter is most definitely here in Maine. Last week the number registered on my car’s temperature gauge was -22, which can create all kinds of problems for; your car’s battery, your extremities, your general mood and . . . your

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2017 review written on a napkin to highlight the year's end

Lifelong Learners; Our 2017 Retrospective

December 1st can signal a lot of different things to different people. My wife tends to go into present-shopping mode. As licensed and credentialed dental professionals, the first day of the last month of the year usually means at least a couple of us (ok, just me) are scouring emails,

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dr. drews, dr. lake, and dental hygienists having fun with costume teeth

Got Costume Teeth? We Can Help!

Several years ago I went to a Halloween party where the host was dressed up as Austin Powers. My wife thought his costume was super cool and commented, “Oh my gosh, he even found the teeth to go with the outfit!” Errr, no, those were his actual teeth. We’re not

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large great dane looking down at a small puppy with an autumn tree in the background

Your Local, Friendly Dental Office Just Keeps Getting Better

Bigger Isn’t Always Better, Better is Better . . . Unless it’s a Supreme Deluxe Meat pizza, then bigger is definitely better. I am generally of the opinion that less is more – and usually much better quality. I know I’d rather deal with a smaller, local business than some

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