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Topical fluoride varnish is a proven tool that we use to help prevent tooth decay. Dentistry has been administering in-office fluoride treatments for decades, as a way to protect the oral health of children and adults who are at a high risk for developing cavities.

Being a ‘moderate’ to ‘high’ risk patient means that there could be a long history of decay or a large number of fillings. Certain medications, or people undergoing chemotherapy, or those with no access to fluoridated water may also be appropriate candidates for this treatment.

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Fluoride is a mineral that does two things; it helps prevent cavities and helps repair teeth that are in the very early stages of decay. The fluoride preparation that we use in our office is 100 parts per million, which is a much stronger concentration than that found in over the counter toothpastes and fluoride mouth rinses. It is this higher prescription formula that repairs teeth in the early, microscopic stages of decay.

Unlike many procedures at a dental office, the entire fluoride treatment is pretty quick and painless!

Topical fluoride is applied directly to your tooth’s enamel, either in a solution, gel, foam or varnish. We can paint it on with a brush, or spray the foam into a tray that is held in your mouth for several minutes.

After the treatment, we just ask that you refrain from eating anything crunchy, hot, or cold and to not brush you teeth for at least an hour, which allows your teeth to absorb the fluoride, repairing microscopic decay.

Depending on risk level, fluoride treatments may be warranted every three, six or 12 months.

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