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Dental cleanings are an essential to overall good health.

All routine, preventive dental cleanings are completed by an Associate’s or Bachelor’s level Registered Dental Hygienist (R.D.H.).

A professional tooth cleaning, also called a “prophylaxis,” is recommended for nearly everyone twice a year to obtain and maintain optimum oral health.

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While maintaining good oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing is beneficial, a professional cleaning goes the extra mile to ensure optimal health and cleanliness for your teeth.

Digital ‘bite-wing’ x-rays are taken during this cleaning appointment to display upper and lower back teeth and how they touch. They are used to check for decay between the teeth and to check for bone loss.

A ‘panoramic’ x-ray may also be taken, which shows the jaw, teeth, sinuses, nasal area and tempomandibular bone. They are not used to detect cavities, but will reveal any impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, cysts, tumors, infections and fractures. The dentist will review all radiographs that have been taken during your cleaning appointment. You can learn more about various dental xrays and why they’re important here in this blog post and read Dr. Lake’s “x-rayted” conversation for even more information.

The hygienist will then complete a gentle probing of the gums, which is done annually, to ensure that they are maintaining a healthy level (ideally, 3mm). An oral cancer screening is standard practice in our office and, once completed, your hygienist will remove any build up of plaque, tartar and staining that is above the gum line.

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