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Thank you for considering Drews Dental as your new dental care provider! We’re excited that you’re visiting the site to learn more about us and look forward to meeting you soon.

Your First Visit

We want your very first visit with us to be an opportunity to meet everyone, take a tour of the office, as well as have the undivided attention of the doctor so that you have plenty of time to ask questions, laugh at his jokes (pretend to laugh at his jokes), understand the explanations, and not feel rushed to make any decisions.
Your entire first visit should take no longer than an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. To help put you at ease from the start, here is what you can expect from us during your first visit:

  • Registration

    For your convenience, we are a paperless office and will email you a link to complete the ‘paperwork’ at home. You can also find hard copies right here. When you come in for your appointment, you will be able to sign off on our I-pad. Don’t worry, we do still have the regular paper if you are uncomfortable, or unable, to fill it out on-line. We will also take a digital picture of you to go in the record – so be sure to plan for a ‘good hair’ day!

  • X-rays

    We do not just take x-rays for the sake of taking them. If you have any x-rays that might be current from another provider, we will request to have them sent or emailed to us prior to your appointment so that no duplicates are taken. In order to be able to complete your exam, we will need specific information about your mouth. We use the latest digital radiography to safely and comfortably take a series of images of your entire mouth. If you have any questions or concerns about radiographs or our equipment, please do not hesitate to ask.

  • Comprehensive Exam
    Upon reviewing your x-rays and medical history, the doctor performs a comprehensive evaluation that includes a periodontal exam (measuring every tooth), oral cancer screening, and TMJ (tempo mandibular joint) evaluation. You will have an opportunity to discuss any current pain or concerns before developing the treatment plan.
  • Treatment Planning

    We divide your treatment plan into three phases; disease control, restorative, and elective/cosmetic. This means that the first priority is to eliminate any active decay in your mouth. The focus then becomes on repairing teeth, so that your mouth is functional and stable. Finally, if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, we can address your concerns.

  • Check Out

    Following the exam, you will be introduced to our Treatment Coordinator, who is your point of contact for any questions you may have regarding insurance benefits, financial matters, as well as scheduling. She will develop a customized worksheet outlining your appointments, associated treatment fees, insurance payments, and co-pays. As a courtesy, we can send an electronic pre-estimate to your insurance company for you. If you need assistance with payment and financing options, we are also able to walk you through that process, too.

  • Assigning you a Hygienist

    Before you go we will appoint you to one of our hygienists, who will be the same person that you see each time you come in. We’ll even let you know if your regular hygienist is going to be out for an upcoming appointment, in advance, so you can reschedule your cleaning if you wish. One of the advantages of being a smaller dental office with virtually no turn-over is that you will likely get to know each member of the staff personally, by name – and probably get to know their dogs’ names, too.

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (207) 782-5308 or contact us online if you have any questions or to schedule your next dental appointment with us!