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dental professional swabbing a patient's mouth for saliva testing

Decoding Periodontal Health with Saliva Testing

In my recent feature in LA Metro Magazine under the “PROS WHO KNOW” section, I addressed a common frustration in dental health: periodontal bone loss despite diligent oral care. This phenomenon, often experienced by patients who actually take really good care of their teeth, can be attributed to gum disease and its associated complications. Based […]

woman aggressively brushing her teeth

Does Brushing Harder Clean Your Teeth Better?

Sometimes I see Lady Macbeth in my office. I’m sure you’re familiar with Shakespeare’s play, we all had to read it and maybe even perform it in high school, right? You know, the one that opens with the witches chanting about “toil and trouble”, finds Macbeth pondering, “Is this a dagger which I see before […]

woman looking and pointing down toward the article

Top 5 Reasons People Avoid the Dentist

I have a secret ambition to host the gameshow ‘Family Feud,’ except I’d make all the questions dental related. I’ve done this before when we asked 2 dentists to name something you wish everyone would put on their New Year’s resolution list and then talked about the top 7 answers on the board in this […]

smiling woman in front of a background full of people wearing face masks

It’s Time to Show Off Your Smile (again)

  • Peter Drews, D.D.S., M.A.G.D.
Thanks to modern science and the availability of COVID-19 vaccines, mask restrictions are easing off a bit, though it’s still important to keep up with mask mandates and recommendations (here’s Maine’s Face Covering FAQs). I’m a dentist, so I’m pretty comfortable with the idea of wearing protective gear. However, I’m not going to lie, there […]

essential syllables defined above a star wars looking title to return to the dentist

Dentistry: Why It’s An “Essential” Service

We know it’s been a long twelve months, and there is no denying that March 2020 marked the start of an unprecedented, unbelievably tough time that presented us all with some pretty rough hardships including unpredictable work hours and volatile incomes. Businesses and schools were shut down which meant many of us had to stay […]

dental office front desk with new plexiglass

Practicing Dentistry During A Pandemic

There is no question that how we practice dentistry has changed (as it should) to adapt to the times. Much like airline travel, the safety and health information can sound rather tedious and boring compared to the final destination, whether it happens to be bottomless umbrella drinks on the beach or a nice, shiny white […]

woman in a pink shirt holding a notebook that has a quote printed on it

Resolutions & Decisions

Happy New Year, Tooth Fans! My favorite part of the new year is how you can start everything over from scratch, symbolically at least. You get brand new calendars and make resolutions on how this year will be different from the one before. And while time is really an artificial construct and 12:00 am January 1, […]

xray machine at Drews Dental Services

X-Rayted Conversation

Hello Tooth Fans! A very pregnant Dr. Kristie Lake here. 9 months in fact. I’m due in September, but he’s welcome to come any time because I am seriously in need of regaining my inner personal space. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to sleep with a foot lodged in your rib cage! I’m […]

dr. in a white coat holding a tablet with drews dental service's website showing

Getting Surgical Clearance From Your Dentist

Hello Tooth Fans! You know, sometimes as dentists we take the information we know for granted and we forget that there are little “life of a dentist” tidbits that you may not be aware of. For example, did you know that sometimes patients come to us because they need dental clearance prior to having surgery? […]