About Dr. Lake

Kristie Lake is a life long New Englander. She matriculated from the University of Connecticut’s School of Dental Medicine in 2008 and has been practicing dentistry in her home state of Maine ever since. She most enjoys working on very young patients, or people who have had a lot of bad experiences and have significant dental anxiety. She has endless patience with patients because growing up she was very scared of going to the dentist.

Her favorite kinds of procedures are the ones that end with ‘feel good moments’ like restoring someone’s front teeth, addressing large, dark cavities at the gumline, or otherwise giving hope to someone who thinks their mouth is hopeless.

Dr. Lake is actively involved in her profession and currently serves on the Maine Dental Association’s Executive Board, and has been the Chair for the Council on Government Relations since 2014, the responsibilities of which include providing testimony to legislators at both the local and national level. She is also an avid consumer of continuing education.

Off the clock, she is a video game enthusiast! She and her husband have two TVs and two X-Box Ones in their living room so that they can play simultaneously. They also have a 13-year-old mixed breed dog, affectionately called Honey Dog, who periodically tests their fence for weaknesses in hopes of going on an adventure around the neighborhood. In fact, Honey Dog was once picked up by the Lisbon Police Department on one such jaunt, so Dr. Lake and her husband know what it’s like to pick up your pal from doggy jail.

They also have a 4-year-old cat named Max who, of course, runs the house.

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Dr. Kristie Lake
Dr. Kristina Lake Harriman, DMD