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cartoon illustration of a dead tooth with a sad toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss mourning

Why Do I Need A Root Canal If My Tooth Is Dead?

According to the grief and loss experts, there are several phases people navigate when they go through the bereavement process; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. I can attest that a dental patient who’s been told that their tooth has “passed away” also experiences a combination of these when they’re sitting in my chair. I […]

Dr. Drews walking down the aisle of a Concord airplane

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy Your Dental Implant Surgery

Dentistry is a lot like the aviation industry in that the priority is always a safe, predictable and routine experience for both the pilot and the passengers; the dentist and the patient. Our respective professions have been able to advance due to technology and engineering which have increased accuracy and efficiency, taking some of the […]

Aunt Polly Dentistry illustration from the Adventures of Tom Sawyer

5 Things to Avoid after a Tooth Extraction

Growing up, I remember being terrified of Mark Twain’s fictional Aunt Polly after she tied a piece of string around Tom’s tooth (and around his bed post), before lunging at him with a piece of hot coal. What a price Tom had to pay for trying to dodge school with a case of the Mondays. […]

view from inside mouth to dentist looking at teeth and gums

Is There A Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis Going On In Your Mouth?

Recession is never a good thing; whether it’s the economy, a hairline, or your gums that are receding, they are all going to impact your ability to go on vacation, flirt with the opposite sex, and smile for your DMV picture. When a tooth erupts into your mouth, it is surrounded by a layer of […]

Your Mother Knew Best When it Came to Bleeding After an Extraction

Your mother knew best when it came to bleeding after a tooth extraction.  But did you every wonder why that tea bag has the ability to stop bleeding?  Black tea contains tannin that stops the bleeding with just one application.  Tannic Acid is considered to be the most active of all vegetable astringents, and especially […]