Equipment & Technology

Dr. Drews taking digital imagery of a patient's teeth

General dentistry has come a long way since the Civil War days when barbers and blacksmiths were performing extractions, drills were powered by foot pedals, and a denture could be made from tortoise shell and hippopotamus tusks. Today’s dental equipment have efficiency, patient safety, and accuracy in mind! We are also always looking at the latest in dental technology and innovation to offer our patients the most comfortable, pain-free, needle-free, minimal bleeding, non drilling, non gagging appointments! Through the power of lasers and digital imaging there are many options available for us, the gentle dental providers, to use for better diagnosis and treatment.
We invest in the latest equipment, professional development and training so that our patients can confidently and comfortably invest in their dental health. We are basically a bunch of science geeks, so if you are interested in learning more, check out some of the tools of the trade we have here in our office below.
Whether it’s taking impressions and x-rays, or removing hard and soft tissue from your mouth, we are committed to ensuring that your appointment as pleasant of an experience as we can make it. If you’re interested in experiencing any of our technology, just give us a call at (207) 782-5308 or contact us online!

the wand - single tooth anesthesia

The Wand STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia)

The Wand is actually a new kind of needle used for dental injections. You know that sting you sometimes feel during a dental appointment that involves numbing parts of your mouth? It...

Biolase Waterlase

Waterlase dentistry uses laser energy and water to perform dental procedures. It's not personal, it's the drill! We get it, we're dentists. The number one thing most dental patients cite as being...

Dr. Drews explaining lava cos illustration to patient


Digital Dental Impressions with Lava Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S. Imagine turning an uncomfortable procedure like impressions into a remarkable‚ interactive‚ 3D experience for during your dental appointment and being able to confidently...

Odyssey Diode Laser

No one usually clamors to go "under the knife" and we understand that this can be one of the factors that keep our dental phobic patients away. However, sometimes it is necessary...

Planmeca ProMax 3D

Planmeca ProOne® offers you a wide variety of imaging programs for different radiographic needs. You can also select the correct exposure formats to minimise the radiation dose for all types of patients...

dr. drews using the velscope on a patient


Innovations and changes in dentistry's diagnostic technology seem to come out every time a new dental trade magazine is published. However, one thing that has remained fairly timeless over the last few...