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We strictly maintain sterilization and cross contamination processes to conform to rigorous standards in accordance with the ADA (American Dental Association), OSHA and CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines. Our priority is the safety and protection of our patients and our staff!

modern sterilization methods at Drews Dental Services in Lewiston, Maine

Infection Control & Sterilization

Treatment Rooms

Before you are even seated for an appointment, the entire treatment room is sterilized using tuberculocidal/virucidal/bactericidal/fungicidal wipes. All chairs, keyboards, drawer pulls, cords, lights, and any other surface that we touch, a patient touches, or instruments might be placed are thoroughly disinfected. Disposable plastic covers are then placed over any knobs, trays, handles and hand pieces.


All instruments are sterilized before they ever enter a treatment area. Sterilization begins with total immersion in a disinfecting ultrasonic sink that removes any microscopic debris. Instruments are then individually sealed and put into an autoclave that reaches 450 degrees, killing all possible viruses and bacteria. We also replace disposables after every single patient. Disposable items include; chair covers, suctions tips, sheaths for handles and hand pieces, bibs, cups, sink traps, polishing cups, and x-ray tabs.

Personal Protective Equipment

handing a patient safety glasses

All clinical staff wear a clean pair of scrubs every day (so far pink is everyone’s favorite color, except for “the Big Guy”), these are laundered on site, and employees are not permitted to wear them outside of the building. During treatment, all staff wear masks, safety glasses and gloves. If a staff member needs to leave the treatment room for any reason, gloves are always replaced with a new pair. Patients are given safety glasses to wear for eye protection. We always place a bib on you to protect your clothes because sometimes the air/water syringe can make you feel like you’re also getting a facial!

Health & Safety Training

All staff are required to maintain certification with the American Heart Association for Basic Life Support (CPR & AED) training. This means if Dr. Drews has the heart attack he keeps threatening to, he can be safely transported down the road to St. Mary’s Hospital and get a couple of weeks rest. Staff also attend continuing education courses on hazard communication, bloodborne pathogens and radiation safety.

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