Meet Your Team

dental practice team at Drews Dental Services in Lewiston, Maine

Everyone who works here at Drews Dental has undergone a tough selection process and all have significant experience in their areas of expertise. Most importantly, they have proven themselves to be caring people! We are an office full of people who enjoy what we do and enjoy working with each other, which creates a positive atmosphere that patients notice and appreciate. Our turnover is minimal, so you can expect to see the same friendly faces every time you visit.

Dentist & Business Owner
  • D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
  • MAGD (Master of the Academy of General Dentistry)
  • ADA
  • Maine Dental Association Member
  • Androscoggin Valley Dental Society

Dr. Drews is a Michigan native, growing up in a small town outside of Detroit. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University, which has actually proven to be very relevant as a dentist. He worked in the automotive industry for four years before going on to obtain a Doctoral degree in Dentistry from the University of Michigan (go Wolverines!).

He served as an officer in the United States Navy and was stationed in Chicago, San Diego, and Bahrain, in addition to doing a “cruise” as ‘Dental Doc’ on the U.S.S. Rushmore. He left the Navy in 2008, looking to establish a practice in New England, choosing Lewiston, Maine because it had a similar sort of feel to his home town, except with a closer drive to awesome ski resorts.

He is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, past president of the Androscoggin Valley Dental Society, and has served as Vice President of the Maine Dental Association. Learn more

Dentist & Associate
  • D.M.D. (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry)
  • ADA
  • Maine Dental Association Member
  • Merrymeeting Bay Dental Society Secretary/Treasurer

Dr. Hena grew up in Palatka, Florida but (lucky for us!) she has officially put down roots in Maine. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree and then went on to the University of New England’s School of Dental Medicine where she obtained her Doctorate of Dental Medicine. During dental school, she was part of a scholarship program that focused on rural healthcare in Maine.

Dr. Hena's favorite patients are teens with dental anxiety (because she gets to see visible progression in their home care and watch them overcoming anxiety) as well as children (because of their cute little tiny teeth!). She also enjoys the challenge of working with "grumpy old men" since she sees it as an honor to earn their trust.

Her favorite procedures are making over those front "smile" teeth because it really motivates patients to improve on their home care. She feels dentistry is a wonderful field because it allows her to immediately help people relieving pain, building their confidence, and promoting hygiene - all in one visit. Learn more

  • D.M.D. (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry)
  • ADA
  • Maine Dental Association
  • Androscoggin Valley Dental Society

Dr. Lake is a life long New Englander. She matriculated from the University of Connecticut’s School of Dental Medicine in 2008 and has been practicing dentistry in her home state of Maine ever since. She most enjoys working on very young patients, or people who have had a lot of bad experiences and have significant dental anxiety. She has endless patience with patients because growing up she was very scared of going to the dentist. Her favorite kinds of procedures are the ones that end with ‘feel good moments’ like restoring someone’s front teeth, addressing large, dark cavities at the gumline, or otherwise giving hope to someone who thinks their mouth is hopeless.

In 2022, Dr. Lake made the important decision to take a break from clinical dentistry as she focused on staying at home with her two young children. After a year's hiatus, she's returned to the practice part-time and we're all thrilled, including her patients!  Learn more

Dental Hygienist
  • RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist)

Jo is a graduate of Westbrook College (now the University of New England) and has been working as a dental hygienist since 1986. She is a lifelong New Englander and graduated from Dirigo High School in Dixfield. In a world of increasing corporate dental offices, she is very happy and familiar working in a small, locally owned business, having served in her family's pizza and Italian sandwich shop growing up! Jo knew she always wanted to work in the medical field and help people, and the fact she has never been scared of the dentist meant dental hygiene was a perfect fit.

This might also explain why her absolute favorite patients are the ones who are nervous and scared (lucky for her there's no shortage of dental phobic people in need of services). Jo welcomes the challenge (every hour) and feels that there is nothing more gratifying than being the reason a patient ends their appointment by announcing they've just had the best dental visit and experience in her chair.

When she's not converting one dental phobic patient at a time, Jo is immersed in all things quintessentially Maine; either upta camp for a full summer schedule of swimming, boating and card playing, or retreating indoors, as the temperature inevitably drops, to scream at the TV and cheer on the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins. This still leaves her plenty of time (and energy) for her absolute favorite role of being "crazy Nana" to all her grandchildren.

Dental Hygienist
  • RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist)

Stacy graduated from the University of New England with a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Hygiene in 2009, but has actually been working in the field of dentistry since 1995. Her resume includes both dental assisting and practice management, making her a legit "swiss army knife" of the profession. It should therefore come as no surprise that she's never had a phobia of the dentist (unless she was forced to see one on top of a very tall building or cliff!). She confesses her absolute favorite patient profile has nothing to do with age, gender or treatment concern; rather she loves to work with people who are super invested in their own personal care. In fact, nothing gives her more satisfaction than an 'Extreme Makeover' patient who comes in to see her for the first time, generally with some issues, and a year later has completely improved their overall oral health by being diligent on also improving home care. Pre-dentistry, Stacy's career has included the job title of Cinderella, albeit seasonally, at Storyland.

Originally from beautiful Bethel, Stacy loves all of the outdoorsy, nature related stuff that Maine has to offer, although she does admit that proximity to Sunday River in her formative years did not guarantee that she was bitten by the ski bug. Regardless, she definitely likes living somewhere that has all four seasons- despite not necessarily enjoying all of them equally. In recent years, she has taken up the stereotypical “old lady” activities, to include crocheting (so that she could make afghans to keep warm during the winter) and some next level gardening that could seriously rival your local farmer’s market. Summertime means that her garden (and kitchen) is full of flowers, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, carrots and lettuce.

Dental Hygienist
  • RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist)

Ciara grew up in Augusta, Maine and graduated from Cony High School. She attended the University of New England and, being very practical, decided to pursue a career in dental hygiene - because she wanted a well paying job with benefits that did not require working nights or weekends. She has been working as a Registered Dental Hygienist since 2015.

Ciara’s favorite patients to have in her chair are children because she enjoys teaching them about oral health, prevention, and developing good lifetime habits. Ciara has never been squeamish about going to the dentist, but she does admit to a fear of heights - or falling off of them. As well as helping patients save their teeth, Ciara has literally saved lives. She worked as a lifeguard during college and saved three young children from drowning - all in one summer!

When Ciara isn’t cleaning and saving teeth (or lives), you can find her cleaning her two dogs’ teeth, Scotch and Daisy (but not the cats, Nelly and Lola). She and her husband are the stereotypical, outdoorsy Maine couple, either outside hiking, kayaking, or boating (with their pups of course).

Dental Hygienist
  • RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist)

Chelsea grew up in Auburn, Maine, attended Edward Little High School and is a "Red Eddie" through and through. She graduated from the University of New England with a Bachelor’s of Science in Dental Hygiene, and has been working as a Registered Dental Hygienist since 2012. Chelsea has never been afraid of the dentist (and she admits to having a lot of dental work done as a little girl) which she attributes to having a great dentist and that her mother never made going to the dentist a big, scary deal. In fact she never even knew the dentist used a needle until she was older.

Chelsea’s favorite patients are young children and the nervous. She loves the challenge of converting someone who is afraid of the dentist into a ‘regular’ who feels more relaxed about their appointment. Chelsea’s not so secret talent show skill is that she can do a loon call with her hands- seriously, ask her to demonstrate next time you’re in the chair.

Outside of the dental office, Chelsea is the office mermaid. Whether it’s the beach or a lake (but not in Winter), she will be on it; fishing, kayaking or canoeing. Ironically, while Chelsea isn't afraid of the dentist and loves the water, she is terrified of sharks.

Dental Hygienist
  • RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist)

Karey is a Lewiston, Maine local and a graduate from the University of Maine, Orono (in Penobscot County). She has been working as a Registered Dental Hygienist since 1997 and is certified in the administration of local anesthetic and the application of protective sealants. Karey was originally interested in becoming an Orthodontist (because she had such an awesome one growing up), but after he explained the schooling involved versus dental hygiene, she decided that it made more sense to get a degree in that. She’s obviously never been scared of the dentist (or sharp, pokey instruments going in her mouth), but she admits to being terrified of even the merest thought of a snake slithering on and/or wrapping itself around her. And not that this would ever happen, but a snake crawling on her while she had to climb up a tall ladder would make even the most dental phobic panic attack look pretty mild.

Other than snakes (and ladders), Karey has a great, laid-back personality and her infectious laugh is immediately recognizable from any room in the office! She cites the relaxed atmosphere and overall organization of Drews Dental as what makes it such a great place to work. She’s pretty easygoing and enjoys working with any type of patient, but her favorites are definitely the fearful ones that she can ‘turn around’ and earn their trust.

When she’s not rocking at dental hygiene, there is no place Karey would rather be than camping with friends and family (at snake-free venues, obviously). She is a newly-minted dog mom, which gives her even more of an excuse to get outdoors, especially in the winter when the motivation can be a little less.

Dental Assistant

Hailey is a New England native, but was transplanted from Hampton, New Hampshire as a teenager (she considers herself a "New Mainer") and is a Red Eddie graduate. She started her career in the dental field in 2022, but grew up around dentistry as her mother was an assistant too! She does admit to being a little fearful of the dentist (mostly when it involves needles), but has embraced the fear and absolutely loves assisting with patients who are chatty because she can joke around with them, helping them feel less nervous. Her special talent is being able to wiggle her ears, so next time you're in the chair, ask for a demo. She also gets a big thrill out of a patient's reaction when they get a first look at their new smile.

Prior to entering the dental field, Hailey started her career in the doggy daycare arena, so it's no surprise that in her free time she enjoys dog sitting for friends and family. After hours you might find her chasing after her three cats (Toby, Asher and Smoki), sun worshiping at the beach (Hampton Beach, obviously) camping in the summer, snowboarding at Lost Valley in the winter, and shopping (for clothes) all year round.

Dental Assistant

Josie is a second generation dental professional - she has literally been immersed in dentistry her entire life as her mother was as a dental assistant and is now a Licensed Denturist. Josie has been in the dental field in her own right since 2021 and while she admits the initial learning curve was steep (like remembering all the names of the different instruments), she has since become fully fluent in dental lingo. She even cites her absolute favorite procedures are extractions because the entire process is so satisfying. She has also mastered the art of taking impressions and prides herself in a quick, flawless, gag-free technique. If you are over 65, then you officially fall into her most preferred patient group. As a teenager, she worked at the Augusta House of Pancakes and enjoyed the pleasant pace of conversations with retiree customers; she has found dental patients to be the same. Her favorite part of working in our almost entirely female office setting is the chill atmosphere and distinct lack of drama. Josie has (unsurprisingly) never been afraid of the dentist, but does start to get the heebie-jeebies if she is in any body of murky water where she can't see what lies beneath.

A true native of Maine, Josie is commonly spotted in the natural outdoor habitat. Depending on the season, this either means snowboarding or skateboarding. Fishing is also a year round activity; either through the ice or on one of the nearby ponds or lakes. She does her best to share her outdoor adventures with her dog, Buddha, but has to leave the gekko, Mac, at home.

Dental Assistant

Tiana is a 100% Maine-ah. She was born and raised in Lewiston and graduated from Lewiston High School. Her path to dentistry is all too familiar; she came from a long line of dental assistants. Ok, just one. Her grandmother was an assistant which inspired Tiana to enter the field. She hasn’t looked back since.

Tiana is more effervescent than a bottle of champagne on a trampoline, which is great as her favorite patients are children, and her preferred procedures are extractions - not two things you’d expect to go together. She actually thinks kids make better patients than grown ups. Tiana enjoys the challenge of getting little ones to feel safe and comfortable during treatment- it’s legitimately her superpower. She’s definitely not squeamish and finds oral surgery fascinating because of the anatomy and how the human body can heal from trauma. No surprises then, that Tiana has never been afraid of the dentist.

When she’s not being the “pediatric patient whisperer,” Tiana is running around after her son or flexing another superpower; shopping. Her purse is one of the biggest in the office and could easily rival Mary Poppins' bag.

Dental Assistant
  • CDA (Certified Dental Assistant)

Chelsea is as ‘Maine” as lobster and L.L. Bean. She graduated from Lewiston High School and initially started her career working in childcare. However, she had multiple family members who were in the dental field and they encouraged her to take classes in assisting. She never looked back and has now been working in dentistry since 2008.

One of the things that she enjoys about working in a general dental office is getting to build relationships with patients – it’s not just about how often you floss or if there’s a cavity – which also explains why Chelsea likes working with children and older patients. Her favorite dental procedures are anterior fillings (a.k.a. the front ‘smile teeth’), because it’s instant gratification for her to see a patient feel 100% more confident about themselves when they leave the office.

Chelsea has two little ones, so there’s no such thing as ‘down time,' but she does try to live our state motto, ‘The Way Life Should Be,’ year round; summering at Old Orchard Beach and wintering at Sugarloaf. She also fits right in with the rest of our office of animal fanatics with her cat, Ollie, and Zoey the rabbit.

Treatment Coordinator

Emilie started her career with us (and in dentistry) in 2015. She initially trained as a dental assistant, but her warm demeanor and gentle personality made her perfectly suited to be our Patient Care Coordinator. For six years, Emilie was the first friendly face (and voice over the phone) to welcome you into the office. In 2021, Emilie transitioned into the role of Treatment Coordinator bringing together her knowledge of dentistry, insurance and even more importantly (we consider it to be her ‘superpower’), the ability to explain what these things are and how they fit together in each individual treatment plan. Her favorite part of being in this role is that she now has the opportunity to have longer and uninterrupted conversations (the front desk position is not conducive to this) with our longtime patients - as well as getting to know our new patients right off the bat!

Originally from the Turner area, Emilie is a 100% hometown girl of central Maine. However, she loves the coastal regions, and the only thing that makes them even more incredible is being able to experience them with her husband and young children. As far as the long Maine winter snow goes, her only comment is, “I don’t like driving in it.” She truly is a born diplomat.

Patient Care Coordinator

Kristina is our director of first impressions and is the friendly face who greets you when you walk through the door. Any help that you could possibly need with appointments, account information, or games on the I-Pad in our waiting room are all in her domain of expertise. She started working in the pediatric medical field in 2016 and recently made the transition to dentistry (and patients of all ages) in 2021. She is a huge fan of the career change because she now gets to interact with a wider variety and range of people. She has found the dental field to be a relatively easy shift in gears- once she learned all the dental lingo (and which tooth number was which). Unlike a lot of people, Kristina has never been afraid of the dentist (which certainly makes it easier when coming to work!). However, she does admit to sharing a different, but very common fear when it comes to spiders because of a rather unfortunate childhood incident.

Kristina originally hails from Saco, and as you can imagine is a huge fan of being near the water, whether it's on the beach, in a boat, or by the pool. This also gives you a hint that she is definitely more of a 'summer in Maine' versus 'winter in Maine' person. Although she is definitely not opposed to winter and enjoys some seasonal sledding opportunities - especially when the temperature is above 30. She admits to being more of a ‘country mouse’ than ‘city slicker’ and likes the fact that Maine allows for more room and space between people, which is especially important now that she is a mom to both a rambunctious pup, Dutch and an energetic toddler, Brooks.

Lab Technician

Matt was born and raised in Auburn, Maine, and is a graduate of Auburn High School (go Red Eddies!). Thanks to a family of dental professionals, Matt was exposed to dentistry from a young age, and he began pursuing it for his own career in 2009.

Matt's dental experience includes being a CDA (Certified Dental Assistant) and an EFDA (Expanded Function Dental Assistant) for a number of years, though these days he's managing our in-house lab where we design and fabricate dental crowns, abutments, and bite splints using the latest digital milling technology. He was an obvious choice for that due to his natural creative talent and interest in building things! He is also radiology certified and handles the massive task of clinical supplies inventory.

Given his natural talent with computers and technology, Matt is also our resident Mr. Fix-it whenever a computer, photocopier, or Keurig machine goes on the fritz.

Off the clock, a desire to work with his hands and make something from nothing is carried over into his personal life. After completing an apprenticeship, he now operates his own leather working business, specializing in wallets and gun holsters (which is more therapeutic than it is 'work'). He also helps his father, who has a cabinetry business, during their busy season. “Relaxation” is spent watching his young son chase their two dogs, Frank and Luca, around for hugs.

Patient Care / Staff Accountant

Greg grew up in Turner, Maine and after graduating from Leavitt Area High School, he attended the University of Maine, Orono to study Accounting. Being a 'numbers guy' makes him an awesome addition to the Business Team. He used to be scared of going to the dentist; however, that all changed when a member of his family got into the dental field. These days he’s just scared of heights.

Greg’s favorite patients are the little old ladies, because they really seem to get along with him, although he’s not sure why, but we do! He’s kind, soft spoken, well-mannered, patient and professional.

Greg is like a lot of New Englanders and loves the fall season, because it’s not too hot (or cold) so you’re not forced to be inside for 6 months. As a result, his main winter sport is playing video games. Growing up he played football and basketball (at 6” 2 that’s pretty much mandatory). Now he enjoys watching sports and his teams include; the Yankees, the Nicks and the Jets. (Notice a theme? That’s because his dad is from the New York area).

Insurance Coordinator

Diane has been a Minot-Lewiston-Wales, Maine native all of her life, though she does admit to wanting to become a “snow bird.” She’s worked in the dental field since 1999, but can easily relate to patients because she is not a fan of going to the dentist herself. In the office, Diane helps you understand dental benefits and eligibility, review treatment plans, and determine coverage and payment options.

Outside of the office, she’s a long-time motorcross mom and wife. When she’s not watching her family members kick up mud and dirt around the race track, she prefers more peaceful excursions out on her kayak or hiking the trails in the White Mountains – ask her about when she got lost up in Acadia!

Dental Assistant (CDA)
In Loving Memory of Julie L. Cormier, C.D.A.

September 11th, 1966 – September 12th, 2015

We would like to remember our dedicated dental assistant, treasured co-worker and friend. Julie's career as a dental professional spanned 32 years. Her caring, loyal and gentle personality will be missed by all. May the memories of her last a lifetime. Our sympathy goes out to all her friends and family.