karey and mindy playing the mouthguard challenge game

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Mannequin Challenge, and perhaps wondered if your favorite dental office had lost their minds when we posted a video of the team holding various crazy poses last week, allow me to share a little background.

The Mannequin Challenge (#Mannequin Challenge) is a viral internet video trend that was supposedly started by high school students in Florida this past October. It's basically a group of people in the middle of "doing something" freezing in place while music plays in the background.

The theme song most popularly associated with the challenge is Rae Sremmurd's 'Black Beatles' - I think because their video for the song prompted the frozen action that students and then others replicated as it swept through various social media sites. The whole thing reminds me of those games we used to play at birthday parties where you had to freeze when the music stops.

So if you Google Mannequin Challenge you will see a lot of videos posted by professional athletes and sport's teams holding very elaborate action poses. No surprises then that various celebrities and politicians have also gotten in on the action (including Michelle Obama and Ellen Degeneres). Finally, there's just the rest of us regular folks who were looking for something to do after Thanksgiving dinner or once the last patient left.

We were all enjoying watching the videos and then decided that we should do one, too.

As you can see in the video above, and in the scenes below, a dental office is rife with poses and props for this kind of challenge. The hard part for us was narrowing down the choices because we had way more 'poses' than people.

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Here's a look at the fun we had shooting the scenes in our addition to the Mannequin Challenge craze.

karey and mindy playing the mouthguard challenge game
The Mouthguard Challenge

You may have seen a video we posted several months ago of Dr. Lake and I reviewing her first week at the office (if not, you can see that video here) where we had to communicate with dental retractors in our mouths. Well, apparently this is now a "thing" in the Family Game Night world. In fact Mindy just got the game to play with her family.

Emilie tossing her phone across the desk
Air Traffic Controller Meltdown

Our office manager has described the front desk area as the Air Traffic Control Tower, because it takes a lot of prioritization, patience and skill to manage the efficient and professional arrival and departure of all scheduled patients, particularly when three lines on the phone are ringing to announce a cancellation or delay. So while Emilie might come across as very softly spoken and sweet, surely she's wanted to lob her phone across the desk at least a few times.

filing he nails at the front desk
Office Filing

The office staff spends a lot of time filing paperwork . . . but sometimes I think they are just filing their nails.

Diane napping on the couch with a blanket
Thermostat Wars

There's a lot of conflict between front and back of house when it comes to the interior climate of our office. I swear that the business team are actually lizard people who need big rocks and heat lamps instead of desks and keyboards. The problem is that the clinical team are sitting under heat lamps all day, and until the dental uniform industry strikes a deal with Nike or New Balance for some high performance, sweat wicking scrubs and lab jackets, it is a battle that will never be resolved. So obviously Diane was the first person to volunteer to huddle under a blanket for our video.

matt and megan with a fire extinguisher
Can't We All Just Get Along?!

No matter how much your family loves each other, and how well you all get along, there are moments. Same goes for a dental office family, as portrayed by Megan as she's about to 'extinguish' Matt.

Angie chasing Dr. Drews with a power drill
Was it Miss Scarlett in the Study with the Candlestick . . .
Kayla with a pipe wrench treating Dr. Lake
or Mrs. Peacock in the Ballroom with a Wrench?

You can be certain that assistants and hygienists in dental offices the world over have wanted to come after their docs with sharp, heavy, blunt and motorized objects, for the many and varied infractions we commit throughout the course of a day. So it was a rock, paper scissors showdown to determine who got to freeze in scenes with myself and Dr. Lake.

Turns out it was Angie in the Hall with a Power Drill . . . and Kayla in the Operatory with a Wrench.

"Come on," they said, ... "it'll be fun ..."

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