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In my recent feature in LA Metro Magazine under the “PROS WHO KNOW” section, I addressed a common frustration in dental health: periodontal bone loss despite diligent oral care. This phenomenon, often experienced by patients who actually take really good care of their teeth, can be attributed to gum disease and its associated complications.

  • Understanding Periodontal Bone Loss: Despite regular dental visits and proper oral hygiene, some patients experience significant bone loss and bleeding around their teeth, leading to mobility and eventual tooth loss.
  • The Role of Saliva Testing: Saliva testing has emerged as a valuable tool in dentistry, providing insights into the oral microbial environment. By analyzing saliva samples, we can identify specific bacteria and imbalances in the oral flora linked to bone loss and systemic conditions.
  • Link to Overall Health: Scientific studies have linked oral bacteria to systemic conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and preterm pregnancies, highlighting the importance of addressing periodontal health.

Based on saliva test results, dentists can recommend personalized interventions, including antimicrobial rinses, improved oral hygiene practices, oral and systemic probiotics, and targeted antibiotic therapy. Monitoring progress over time allows for adjustments to the treatment plan, leading to more efficient resolution and restoration of oral and overall health.

If you’re interested in learning more about saliva testing or scheduling a test, reach out to us 207-782-5308,

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