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baby in a jumpy toy nibbling on a teething toy

Is Your Baby “Just Teething”

Hi, Tooth Fans! I hope you’re all doing okay and staying safe in this crazy time of quarantine! People are starting to go a little stir crazy. In fact, some of you may have never read our blog before, but since you’re stuck at home with nothing better to do, why not? While there are many […]

silly baby face with photoshopped dentures

Baby Dentistry – Part Two

When I was on maternity leave I was busy taking care of my baby. I wasn’t seeing patients at the office and I wasn’t taking calls on the weekends, but I was still a dentist. There are some things you just can’t shut off (sometimes no matter how hard you try). While the majority of my […]

baby riddle as super mario

Baby Dentistry – Part One

Greetings Tooth Fans! It’s Dr. Lake here, writing to you from the joyous (sometimes frustrating) land of maternity leave. I’m fortunate enough to be able to take a good amount of time to bond with my little one. (Read: Dr. Drews is a saint for running a 2-doctor practice on his own for 10 weeks.) But naturally, I […]

snoring kid comic banner

Tooth Grinding & Sleep Apnea in Kids

Don’t Judge the Mouth Breather Most of us don’t want to be judgmental people, but even the best of us make judgments on a daily basis. It’s a survival mechanism. We need to make judgements in order to protect ourselves from harm. For example, as much as I strive not to be judgmental or inconsiderate, […]

Young girl with Dr. Drews during her dental visit

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Children who have their first (positive) dental experience when they are very young tend to have a better outlook towards dental care throughout life. The role of a parent is key in achieving a successful visit. However, we know that for some, a child’s dental appointment can actually be more nerve wracking for you, the […]

child holding a glass of fluoridated tap water

Fluoride: the History & the Histrionics

Do a Google search on the risks and benefits of fluoride and you will be confronted with more scientific research and armchair opinions that are harder to take in than the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. In my opinion, one of the most compelling things about the history of fluoridation (in the U.S.) […]

pouting toddler who refuses to brush his teeth

You Can Lead a Child to a Sink . . .

But You Can’t Make Him Brush His Teeth! We’ll you could, technically, but you wouldn’t want to. Broccoli, bath time, and tooth brushing are some guaranteed ways to get into a power struggle with a toddler (or a strong-willed Labrador). Obviously I can make my Labrador Retriever, Axel, brush his teeth. That’s because he’s physically […]

woman using her teeth as a substitute bottle opener

There’s No Such Thing As “Soft Teeth”

  • Peter Drews, D.D.S., M.A.G.D.
When people find out that I am a general dentist, they usually have one of two reactions: recoil in horror, clamp their mouths shut, and mumble some excuse about having to go home and wash the cat; or, proceed to go into great detail about childhood dental trauma, poor genetics, and/or ‘soft teeth.’ A cashier […]

Hey Parents, Things You Should Know About Your Child’s Mouth

  • Peter Drews, D.D.S., M.A.G.D.
Often, oral health in kids goes for a toss. The thought that ‘these are milk teeth and will fall one day’ attitude may result in dental problems in your kids. Dental and oral disorders can have a profound impact on children, and the burden of untreated dental health problems is substantial. Untreated dental decay (cavities) […]

young girl dental patient at Drews Dental in Lewiston, Maine

They’re only baby teeth……

  • Peter Drews, D.D.S., M.A.G.D.
Patient Question: “Why do you want to fill baby teeth? They will fall out anyway.” Dr. Drews’s Answer: “I can understand why you would wonder about that. It is confusing when some of the teeth we call baby teeth may stay in a child’s mouth until he’s 12. While it is true that baby teeth […]