dr. drews brushing his dog's teeth

You Can Lead a Child to a Sink . . .

But You Can’t Make Him Brush His Teeth! We’ll you could, technically, but you wouldn’t want to. Broccoli, bath time, and tooth brushing are some guaranteed ways to get into a power struggle with a toddler (or a strong-willed Labrador). Obviously I can make my Labrador Retriever, Axel, brush his

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using your mouth as a substitute bottle opener

There’s No Such Thing As “Soft Teeth”

When people find out that I am a general dentist, they usually have one of two reactions: recoil in horror, clamp their mouths shut, and mumble some excuse about having to go home and wash the cat; or, proceed to go into great detail about childhood dental trauma, poor genetics,

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They’re only baby teeth……

Patient Question: “Why do you want to fill baby teeth? They will fall out anyway.” Dr. Drews’s Answer: “I can understand why you would wonder about that. It is confusing when some of the teeth we call baby teeth may stay in a child’s mouth until he’s 12. While it

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What is happening to my 6-year-old’s teeth?

I get a lot of questions from parents as they start to bring their kids in for regular dental check ups. Some people even wonder why they should bother treating children’s teeth since “the teeth are going to fall out anyway.” The truth is, good oral hygiene begins before your

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