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No one usually clamors to go “under the knife” and we understand that this can be one of the factors that keep our dental phobic patients away. However, sometimes it is necessary for us to remove areas of soft tissue in the mouth, whether it’s due to infection, to create access to perform other procedures, or for other functional and cosmetic purposes.

Traditional methods have always meant steel, pressure and mechanical friction as part of the sensory experience – and there is no question that this can be an effective, and sometimes necessary, way to get the job done. However this technique can also result in excessive bleeding, swelling, and a greater probability of needing post-surgical dressings. And let us not forget the most important factor; patient discomfort!

dentist using diode laser

Through dental innovation and product development, some very clever folks came up with the Odyssey Diode Laser.

The laser is a portable surgical instrument that uses a specific energy wavelength that is proven to demonstrate a high affinity for soft tissue. Like a hot knife to butter, it essentially cuts through, and seals, soft tissue through vaporization in precise areas.

The laser is a compact, self contained unit comprised of a handpiece that is connected to a unit with a control panel. The power settings selected for a specific procedure are determined based on the type of lesion and the vascularity of the soft tissue.

Minimally invasive interventions mean less trauma to surrounding tissue where the simultaneous act of cutting and coagulation results in less bleeding and decreased incidences of post-operative infection.

The Diode laser has a broad range of applications, which includes:

  • tissue retraction – if we need to work on a tooth below the gum line
  • crown lengthening – removing excess gum tissue to reveal more of the tooth so you don’t have the dreaded “Chic-let teeth”
  • gingivectomy – removing gum tissue from around the teeth
  • gingivoplasty – re-shaping the gum tissue around your teeth
  • frenectomies – removing the folds of soft tissue under the tongue or between the two upper front teeth

The diode laser really is a great addition to our dental ‘bag of tricks’, because despite what you may think, we actually do not wish to inflict pain or discomfort on our patients.

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