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The Wand is actually a new kind of needle used for dental injections. You know that sting you sometimes feel during a dental appointment that involves numbing parts of your mouth? It turns out that it is a common misconception that the needle causes that sting when the tissue is pierced. More often than not, it is actually the flow of anesthetic that is fired too quickly that causes a pinch, which feels like a sting.

If you think about the difference you’d feel if someone pointed a squirt gun at you, versus someone pointing a high pressure garden hose at you, it kind of makes sense.

the wand - single tooth anesthesia

The Wand is a dental injection that is controlled by a computer.

The pressure and flow rate of anesthesia is precisely controlled by a computer which means that the injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady, and therefore much more comfortable. The hand piece looks like a pen, and is held in exactly the same way, making it very light weight and easier to glide gently into the tissue. The computer is then operated via a foot pedal that is hooked up to the tower.

What really sets the Wand apart from a traditional syringe is that we can perform more types of injections, but also do less of them, and create a very minimal, localized area that is numb. Some of the “worst shots” for people tend to be the roof of the mouth (because the tissue is less elastic), or that spot where your hygienist puts the explorer (that probe looking instrument) to measure the pocket depth of your gums.

Because the anesthesia can be delivered ‘drop by drop’ to these more sensitive areas, it really is a game changer for our patients who have an overwhelming fear of the needle.

The rapid onset of the anesthetic means that we can also start treatment immediately, which results in a shorter appointment and less hanging out in the dental chair for you – disappointing, right?

The other neat thing is that because of the localized delivery of anesthetic, it is virtually unnecessary to administer an additional shot, which then avoids the post operative issue of being numb from your ear down to the chin. You can go straight back to work or school without the funny feeling face, and not have to worry about dribbling a drink or eating a sandwich and inadvertently biting through your tongue because you couldn’t feel anything. (It happens more frequently than you want to know!)

Want to see The Wand in action? On a dentist?

We want you to have total confidence in your dental home, and one of the ways we strive to build that trust is to invest in, and master, the latest in dental technology. Our primary goal is always the safety and comfort of our patients.

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