Biolase Waterlase

Waterlase dentistry uses laser energy and water to perform dental procedures.

It’s not personal, it’s the drill!

We get it, we’re dentists.

The number one thing most dental patients cite as being their least favorite part of any appointment are the “sharp, pokey things!” Or, to use the more technical terms, the drill and the needle.

Fortunately, technology in dental medicine has advanced to assuage some of those anxieties and phobias. Lucky for us (and for our patients), we have invested heavily in some of that technology, including this cool Biolase Waterlase (shown in the photo above) and, most recently, the “less pokey” needle.

Waterlase dentistry uses just that; laser energy and water to remove decay, bone and gum tissue wherever we point it.

The Biolase is a self-contained, mobile unit that has a traditional looking hand piece which is attached to a computer (where we are able to adjust the power, water and air settings).

If you were to look closely at the hand piece, it has a fiber optic tip (just like one of the groovy Christmas trees your neighbor growing up used to have) which delivers optical energy, illumination and atomized water spray to the treatment area only.

Precision and accuracy are key in our line of work!

Obviously, the number one benefit to patients is just not having to deal with the drill.

As the dentist, not having to ‘deal with the drill’ actually means less trauma to, and more conservation of, the tooth.

High speed dental drills can cause hairline cracks and fractures which can have a domino effect on later dental problems. They also tend to cause gum tissue issues such as more bleeding and post-operative swelling for the patient.

Come see for yourself!
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