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Illustration of black triangles between teeth

In my latest feature in LA Metro Magazine’sPROS WHO KNOW” I talked about a common (up to 67% of people over the age of 20) dental frustration: black triangles caused by periodontal bone loss.

What is a black triangle?

A black triangle, aka an open gingival embrasure, occurs when there is space in between your teeth and your gum line.

illustration of a healthy smile and gums (without a black triangle)
healthy smile with a black triangle between the gum line and front teeth

Traditional treatments like gingival grafting or dental veneers were the go to solution – but our office uses the Bioclear Bonding System – an innovative, conservative, and budget-friendly approach to restoring smiles.

Before & After Bioclear Bonding

before and after bioclear bonding treatment for restoration of black triangles

If you’re interested in bidding farewell to black triangles, reach out to us 207-782-5308 for a consultation.

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Restoring Black Triangles Caused by Periodontal Bone Loss Using the Bioclear Bonding System

O.K., I know it sometimes feels like your dentist is marketing new terms to induce panic (really, all we want is for you to brush, floss, and see us twice a year). Still, I can guarantee that you’d much rather experience the Bermuda Triangle than dental black triangles…

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