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No, we’re not in Kansas, we are still here in Lewiston! Although I feel like I’ve been caught up in a tornado for the last couple of weeks, Drews Dental Services is now officially moved into our new digs at 471 Sabattus Street.

organized dental supply closet

Fortunately, the move was pretty seamless. Nothing was broken or lost. All of the boxes have been unpacked, and thanks to a very obsessive-compulsive staff, the supplies have all been found new, alphabetized and labeled homes (for the most part anyway).

We truly appreciate the patience from all our patients while we were in ‘moving limbo.’

It’s tough for a dental office to be closed for a week, especially as teeth don’t tend to break or start hurting when it’s convenient.

Without all of our equipment hooked up, it was just impossible to accommodate any dental emergencies.

Out With the Old, In With the New

brand new scrubs

We have used this opportunity to implement some new systems and change things up a bit for a fresh look and to develop new habits in the mix of the move.

Our goal is not to make change for the sake of change, but to make life easier and more comfortable for our patients, and for ourselves too!

The clinical team are now sporting some sharp looking, ultra light scrubs. So as well as being all matchy-matchy, they won’t feel like they are in sauna suits.

Believe it or not, dentistry is actually a physically demanding job, and with all of the lights we use, it can become a hot and sweaty undertaking.

organized zirc tubs

We are also super excited about our new tub system from Zirc. It’s fully color coded and organized by procedure. This means that anyone, clinical or non-clinical, can re-live their kindergarten days and simply match the instruments and cassettes to the procedure tub they belong in. This is fantastically time saving on the room prep. side of things.

Another great addition is our very own, in-house lab. The long term goal is for us to be able to do more stuff “in-house,” meaning a quicker turn around for patients – seriously, who likes to wait?

We also now have a sweet new kitchen area with a big sink, and an even bigger fridge, to house everyone’s lunch. And since the office is even closer to Boba  and Angelo’s – it’s becoming very handy when I “forget” to bring my lunch in to work.

drews dental parking lot

So Many Choices!

How long did it take you to circle around and find a parking spot at the old office? Yep, we are super excited about having our own awesome parking lot at the new office, too.

Aside from a good tidy up, not much has changed on the landscaping front. We’re saving that for next Spring.

My personal office space already looks like a disaster again, proving that some things never change…

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