Matt at work

I come from a family of educators (and strong women). I have personally racked up a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and the Doctor of Dentistry thing, as well as additional certificates in specialized dentistry and even Scuba diving. Education, and its lifelong pursuit, is pretty important to me. So I have really enjoyed watching my assistant, Matt, (pictured above) who was completely new to the field of dentistry, develop from a Dental Assistant to a Certified Dental Assistant (obtaining his C.D.A.). We're super proud and excited to announce that he is now a full-fledged E.F.D.A.

What the Acronym Means

Matt has received additional education, which now enables him to perform reversible, intraoral procedures under the supervision of my dental license. E.F.D.A. means Expanded Functional Dental Assistant.

What that Means for Matt

In practical language, he is kind of like the "Swiss Army Knife" of auxiliaries. He can triage emergencies, place and remove rubber dams, apply liners and bases, polish teeth above the gum line, place sealants, apply fluoride varnish, as well as place, contour and carve both silver and white fillings.

What that Means for Me

I only have so many minutes in the day, and my goal is to make sure that everyone scheduled gets the best service and skills that can be provided. Matt's new skill set allows my clinical time to be used more efficiently since we're now able to 'tag team,' meaning patients who have a dental concern can be taken care of. Plus, there's less waiting for an appointment and less waiting during an appointment.

What that Means for YOU

If you have an emergency, or are on a time crunch, we are better able to accommodate you - sometimes even at a more convenient time that suits your schedule. We're also be able to get you in and out of your appointment more efficiently. Considering most people aren't exactly fans of lingering in the dental chair, this is just another way we can work to make your experience less stressful.

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