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Drews Dental Services is thrilled to announce a new addition to the team!

Having an additional hygienist is part of our larger, overall goal of providing more convenient options for our patients who are often juggling work, family, and school obligations. How lucky we are to be welcoming Angela Roy, R.D.H. to our dental family.

Angela graduated from the University of New England, in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. She brings with her many years of experience from working in dental offices in both Massachusetts and Maine.

The Sixth Grade Project

Growing up, Angie always wanted to be a dental hygienist. She loved going to the dentist as a little girl, mainly because her cousin was the hygienist, and she got to touch and play with all of the instruments. She even did her 6th grade project on how to become a hygienist!

Now that she's practicing, she admits that one of her favorite procedures is Scaling and Root Planing.

"As gross as it sounds, I love the challenge of getting off the hard, tenuous calculus! I like it when a patient asks me, 'Where did my teeth go?' No, now you can actually feel your teeth."

In the Office

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Her favorite patients are the ones who are outgoing and looking to learn, because she also really enjoys doing patient education. A veteran of digital dentistry, her superpower is that she can take a Full Mouth Series x-ray in under 7 minutes.

One of her most memorable moments chair side was when a patient fell asleep during their cleaning. No one wanted to wake her up, so the doctor decided to let the woman continue sleeping in the chair while Angie saw her next patient in another room. The lady who'd come for a cleaning wound up getting a much needed two hour nap.

Outside the Office

When she's not scaling, planing and educating in the dental chair, Angie maintains a fast paced social schedule, regardless of Maine's weather. You'll often find her training for and running marathons, following the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey schedule, and dragging her family out for epic 5 hour hikes through the woods.

Filling Up Her Dance Card!

Angie will be accepting new hygiene patients starting November 2nd!
Give us a call at 782-5308 if you would like to schedule your next dental cleaning appointment with her.

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