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Drews Dental Services is once again thrilled to announce a new addition to the team!

We’re excited to introduce you to Emilie Bilodeau, the newest member of our business team. Emilie brings with her oodles of experience working with people and we’re lucky to have her here at our front desk. Not only is she the Grand Master of finding solutions to all kinds of problems, she has the diplomatic flair of a U.N. Ambassador – both skills which were no doubt honed from her six years of working direct service at a daycare.

Family Matters

She arrives to the dental field, in large part, due to family influence. Her cousin is a dental hygienist in Portland, and she was subsequently encouraged to complete a course in dental assisting by her grandparents. As you can imagine, we are thrilled that she is already cross-trained to help out in the clinical area if needed! (We can’t seem to get Diane anywhere near a pair of scrubs or a dental cassette). And, unlike the rest of the office, Emilie is not afraid to take her turn in the chair; needles don’t bother her at all.

In the Office

From the moment you walk through the door, or call the office, Emilie is going to be your first, friendly point of contact. Any help that you could possibly need with scheduling or changing appointments, updating account information, or figuring out games on the I-Pad in our waiting room are all in her domain of expertise. She’ll likely be the voice giving you those gentle reminders about upcoming appointments, too. Perhaps the most important of her roles will be ‘keeper of the quarters!’ So if you did a good job during your appointment, you should know that she has the authority to give out quarters for the gumball machine.

After Hours

Originally from the Turner area, Emilie is a 100% hometown girl of central Maine. However, she admits to preferring the coast more than anywhere else in the state. She tends to avoid the sandy stretches of tourist-packed Old Orchard Beach since she would much rather take her camera to a quiet, rocky shore during the summer.

Emilie portrait

As far as the long, Maine winter goes, her only comment is, “I don’t like driving in it.” (See? Ever the diplomat). Fortunately, she has a bit of a Pinterest problem, which helps get her through the many below freezing days we Mainers enjoy during the winter season.

Meticulous Much?

Success is the sum of details.
-Harvey S. Firestone

As our office continues to get busier, it has become even more important that we have someone who is attentive to every single detail surrounding your visit so that we can get you in (and out) of your appointment on time so that you can get on with the rest of your day.

If you’re already a patient, we know you’ll enjoy meeting Emilie the next time you’re in the office.

If you’re not a patient, you should be – we’ve got Emilie at the front desk!

Give her a call at 782-5308 to schedule a dental cleaning,

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