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fun hello from Dr. Kristie Lake

Hi, tooth fans! This is Dr. Kristie Lake here. I wanted to share with everyone just how excited I am to be joining the talented and friendly staff at Drews Dental Services in Lewiston.

First, a bit about me . . .
As I’ve been telling all my new patients, I’m new to Dr. Drews’ office, but not to dentistry. I’ve been a dentist for 8 years now. In fact, Dr. Drews and I started practicing dentistry in Maine at about the same time, although he had already been a dentist for awhile, and I had just graduated from dental school.

Above and Beyond

I was working at another dental office here while Dr. Drews had just purchased Dr. Bizier’s practice and was settling in as Drews Dental. One fine dental day, he realized there was a restorative component he needed which was not currently in stock, so he came over, in person, to ask to borrow it from the dental office where I was currently practicing. A few days later, we received a ‘thank you’ basket from him.

the extra mile just ahead green road sign

It was right then that I realized Dr. Drews was a cut above the rest. You see, it’s not uncommon for a dental office to inquire about borrowing material from another dental office from time to time. Typically, a dental assistant or an office staff member will go over to the other practice to in search of whatever it is they need.

Dr. Drews not only came over himself to ask, but then also later sent us a beautiful thank you arrangement rather than simply returning the material. This is the type of ‘above and beyond’ experience that Dr. Drews strives to provide for his patients, as well, and this is precisely why I felt honored and privileged when Peter asked me to join his practice.

If you’re a current patient of the practice, you’re already familiar with the outstanding level of dentistry and patient care provided at Drews Dental.

If you’re a pre-patient, our recent office tour on Google and the newly filmed commercial will give you a glimpse of what the office is like.

If you’re Peter Drews, please don’t let my gushing go to your head. We’d still like you to be able to fit through the practice door every morning.

Take the Virtual Tour

You can click on the image arrow below to virtually walk around our office!

Check out our New Commercial

From the moment you walk in, you notice the open nature of the office design. Peter and his staff and all the local contractors did a great job converting the restaurant into a dental office and, as a new patient, you’ll be appointed a full hour with the dentist so that we can get to know you and develop a comprehensive treatment plan customized for you and we’ll answer any questions you may have. Check out this new commercial we did, with the help of Andy over at Loft Light Media.

Our Common Goal

The word doctor comes from the Latin word, docere, which means “to show, teach, cause to know,” and that’s exactly what both Dr. Drews and I love to do. The more we can teach you about your oral (and overall) health, and the variety of conditions which can affect it, the more educated you will be. We love informed patients. We’re passionate about empowering you to make healthy choices and maintain healthy habits when it comes to your oral health, which will prevent the need for more expensive dental treatments later on.

The Dentists
We strive to correct any of the diseased conditions you may currently exhibit, as well as to make you happy with the look and feel of your teeth. And then, of course, we help you to maintain your health on a regular basis.

The Entire Team
The entire team at Drews Dental Services aims to make your visits to our office as enjoyable as possible. While having dental work done is not everyone’s (or perhaps anyone’s) favorite thing to do on their afternoon off, it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience!

In fact, we have patients who actually look forward to coming in, as crazy as that may sound. When your dental team treats you like family, coming to visit us can feel more like a reunion than a surgical procedure.

At the dental office where I work in Waterville, I have children who tell their parents they don’t want to brush their teeth because they want to get cavities so they can go see Dr. Lake for fillings. While this is something I certainly don’t advocate (we set it up so that at healthy cleaning visits they can schedule lunch with us instead), it illustrates the fact that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary, dreadful experience.


My Current Status & Looking Ahead

I look forward to meeting all of the patients at Drews Dental in the coming months while, at the same time, I continue to transition from Waterville a little a time to finish up the treatment with my patients there.

With the emphasis on cutting edge technology to provide the best and most efficient care possible, our unquenchable thirst for knowledge and focus on continuing education, along with the friendly and enthusiastic nature of the whole team, I feel right at home at Drews Dental Services, and I hope you do, too!

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