kayla, renee, and chelsea in the office with a painting of the dentists on the wall

Superheroes and Sidekicks

Dr. Drews and I like superheroes. Superheroes are fantastic in their problem solving abilities and their passion for helping others. In fact, on days when our egos are really inflated, we fancy ourselves to be superheroes and decide to dress the part. Nah, we’re not that narcissistic, just fun loving

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dds office staff winter scene

Winterize Your Mouth

Whether you keep up with Game of Thrones or not, Winter is most definitely here in Maine. Last week the number registered on my car’s temperature gauge was -22, which can create all kinds of problems for; your car’s battery, your extremities, your general mood and . . . your

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2017 review written on a napkin to highlight the year's end

Lifelong Learners; Our 2017 Retrospective

December 1st can signal a lot of different things to different people. My wife tends to go into present-shopping mode. As licensed and credentialed dental professionals, the first day of the last month of the year usually means at least a couple of us (ok, just me) are scouring emails,

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dental insurance claims notebook

Is Your Dental Insurance “Good” . . . or Not?

“Is my dental insurance good?” is a question I get asked a lot. To be perfectly honest, it’s actually difficult for us to answer that question. Here’s why . . . From my perspective, a “good” insurance company (or good insurance policy) means that they pay what they say they

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