shocked man with his denture wearing dog

The Dog Ate My Dentures (And Other Mishaps To Avoid)

It’s amazing how many times I’ve heard people say they just want all of their teeth pulled so that they can get dentures- because then they wouldn’t have to waste time brushing and flossing. However, as someone who makes them for a living, I am here to tell you that

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man holding an ipad in front of his face with the dentures and donuts event on facebook

Avoiding The Dreaded “Denture Face”

“Mama, mama does that lady have false teeth?” Out of the mouths of babes. This is a recent comment from my 4 year old, she is definitely a denturist’s daughter. Any time you pick up a copy of People magazine, or switch on one of those Real Housewives shows, it’s

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you should feel confident when you wear your dentures

What Not To Wear; A Denturist’s Plea

Unlike fashion styles, teeth (for the most part), don’t usually change much with each passing decade. Unless you were a rapper when it was all trendy to get gold teeth. Generally though, people just want teeth that are straight, white, and have no gaps. As a denturist, I have a

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welcome megan higgins

Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You!

Drews Dental is once again thrilled to announce a new addition to the team! A native Maine-ah, Megan arrived to the field of dentistry by way of spending a lot of time in dental offices as a teenager, “I was one of those annoying patients who asked tons of questions!” She

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A man in a custom made suit fastening a cuff-link

Why Dentures Are Actually the Haute Couture of Dentistry

‘Prêt-à-porter’ is a French phrase, used in the fashion industry, which means ‘ready to wear.’ Clothes that are mass produced, following a standardized pattern and sizing chart, are said to be ready to wear. Right off the rack. It’s how we all buy the vast majority of our clothes. Some

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The Effects of Poor Fitting Dentures

As people age, their dentures don’t change, but their mouths do. If you have false teeth, they should fit and you should be wearing them. Proper care and regular dental visits are important factors for keeping your mouth healthy and your dentures in good shape. Problems from Poor Fitting Dentures

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