large great dane looking down at a small puppy with an autumn tree in the background

Your Local, Friendly Dental Office Just Keeps Getting Better

Bigger Isn’t Always Better, Better is Better . . . Unless it’s a Supreme Deluxe Meat pizza, then bigger is definitely better. I am generally of the opinion that less is more – and usually much better quality. I know I’d rather deal with a smaller, local business than some

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glass of red wine tipping over and splashing out

Wine Stained Teeth & Other First World Problems

My wife’s friend texted her in a panic the other night saying that she had a black tongue and wanted to know if I could diagnose the cause/solution over the phone. As a healthcare professional, I always try to encourage patients to surf Google images first, that way there’s an

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worn pair of shoes

Beaver Teeth and Belt Sanders

My wife’s teeth look a lot like her shoes, and although I tell her to go to T.J. Maxx and buy herself a new pair (of shoes – they are about 10 years old), she’s stubborn and insists they’re just fine. She is approaching 40, which means she’s been chewing

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nerd with bright teeth

Why You Don’t Want A Toilet Bowl White Smile

Have you ever met someone for the first time and, as you go to shake their hand, they smile and you must resist the urge to shield your eyes because their teeth are like a solar eclipse? It makes me want to just go and punch their dentist. These days

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man with a toothache

Sensitive Teeth After a Filling, Why?

One of the most common mistakes that people make is visiting their dentist ONLY when they already have a toothache. Usually, initial stages of tooth decay can be reversed by practicing good oral hygiene, but when caries has progressed to the deeper layers of your tooth, causing pain and sensitivity,

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magnifying crowded front teeth

Why Are My Front Teeth Getting Crowded?

Everyone wants to be at the front of the crowd, plane, or line at the DMV, and this is no different when it comes to your teeth. As we age, our teeth have a tendency to shift towards the front or midline (dental vocab. word of the day is, ‘mesial’)

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