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Fluoride: the History & the Histrionics

Do a Google search on the risks and benefits of fluoride and you will be confronted with more scientific research and armchair opinions that are harder to take in than the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. In my opinion, one of the most compelling things about the history

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using your mouth as a substitute bottle opener

There’s No Such Thing As “Soft Teeth”

When people find out that I am a general dentist, they usually have one of two reactions: recoil in horror, clamp their mouths shut, and mumble some excuse about having to go home and wash the cat; or, proceed to go into great detail about childhood dental trauma, poor genetics,

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Can Chewing Gum Clean Your Teeth?

When you were a young child, your parents probably told you a few (hundred) times that candies and sweets would “rot your teeth.” Yes, that’s mostly true, but there are a few exceptions. Cavities only occur when you have the right “Cavity Combination” in your mouth. Your Parents Were Right –

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3 Or More Sugary Sodas A Day = 62% More Dental Decay!

We all know soda’s bad for us, but reading a statistic helps put a new spin on just how bad it can be for our teeth. A University of Michigan analysis of dental checkup data from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey notes that adults who drink three

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