We all know cavities are preventable, but even I miss flossing my teeth on some nights. When we get a cavity, it's not a fun experience to fix it. Children, and even adults, are fearful to seek dental treatment because of past experiences that were traumatic. Many times the patient associates these experiences with the sounds and smells present in the dental office. The use of the Waterlase MD Turbo might change your opinion of dentistry.

According to several studies conducted in the US, 75% of individuals fear having their teeth drilled, getting injected by a needle and having numb lips. This fear is so over powering that the individual avoids preventive dental care. By avoiding preventive dental treatment, the patient continues the pattern of undesirable dental experiences.

In effect, the only time they overcome the fear to visit the dentist is when they cannot endure the pain that they are experiencing with their tooth anymore. So, these patients' being to associate pain with going to the dentist. Hence this unhealthy pattern continues though out their lives and it tends to snowball.

I honestly don't like being disliked and feared and I want patients to feel at ease when they come to Drews Dental. If you feel at ease, you're more likely to come to routine visits and avoid the vicious cycle I've just talked about. So, we are always looking for ways to make it easier and less stressful to visit the dentist.

Today, a special dental laser has been made available to help counteract the fear that almost everyone has when visiting their dentist. We recently invested in this new technology. The Biolase Waterlase MD Turbo is a laser dental apparatus which uses energy and water in performing invasive techniques in treating cavities and periodontal treatment.

This means that your fear and stress about going to the dentist just might be reduced because drills are no longer used in order to treat your cavities. In addition to that, it makes treating the cavities relatively painless because it does not use forceful vibrations and pressure that can produce build up of heat - all things that are associated with a dental drill.

The Biolase Waterlase MD Turbo gives us the opportunity to provide painless dental treatment that does not require a needle for injections of anesthesia which produces numbness of lips!

Laser dental technology offers up a great advantage not only for you, the patient, but also for me, the dentist. Aside from the fact that I do not need to deal with the needle injection fear of their patients anymore, it makes in-office dental procedures even faster and easier because they do not need to wait anymore for the anesthesia to take effect before starting to work. This allows our office to provide this technology to our patients at no additional cost!

The speed of Waterlase MD Turbo is nearly equal to the conventional high-speed dental drill. The only difference is that since it is a laser type of dental apparatus, it does not produce any noise, vibration and smell of drills when treating cavities.
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So let me ask you again, DO YOU STILL FEAR VISITING YOUR DENTIST BECAUSE OF DRILLS, NEEDLES AND NUMB LIPS? If you would like additional information about Waterlase dentistry, please call my office at 207-782-5308 for an examination. My office serves the Lewiston and Auburn Maine area and would love to have you join our dental patient family.

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