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Dental Resolutions; And a Naggy New Year to You, Too

I gave up on compiling a list of New Year’s resolutions a few years ago when my wife (and now employees) started making them for me . . . lose weight – stop leaving half finished cups of coffee all over the office – quit picking up and drinking other

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How To Tell Someone They Have Bad Breath

The plague of bad breath; sometimes it’s hard not to put your foot in your mouth, especially if someone else’s mouth smells like feet! As a general dentist, I have immunity when it comes to discussing halitosis with my patients – or my wife, who eats enough garlic to fend

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Bad Breath & How To Prevent It

Whenever I have a new patient in my chair, I always ask this same question: “As your dental provider, what would you like me to do to improve the health of your mouth?” One of the most common responses I get is, “How do I get rid of bad breath?” 

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Fresh Oral Health Resolutions That Go Beyond Brushing

You’ve spent nearly your whole life brushing and flossing your teeth and attending regular dental appointments in order to keep your mouth healthy. But there are plenty of reasons why you might want to go beyond these basic steps to achieve even better oral health in the new year. Whether

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How to Get Rid of Garlic Bad Breath

It has been found that drinking milk while eating garlic is good for neutralizing garlic breath. The fat and water content in the milk has been found to soak up the allyl methyl sulfide (AMS) gas that dissolves in the blood stream and eventually causes garlic breath. Drinking water while

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