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welcome megan higgins

Drews Dental is once again thrilled to announce a new addition to the team!

A native Maine-ah, Megan arrived to the field of dentistry by way of spending a lot of time in dental offices as a teenager, “I was one of those annoying patients who asked tons of questions!” She has been working in the dental field since 2001, gaining a broad range of experience in general practice, endodontics and denturism.

Her original plan was to go to hygiene school; however, she took an alternate route, and in 2008 graduated from Ontario’s George Brown College as a Licensed Denturist. She has not looked back since! How lucky we are to be welcoming Megan Higgins to our dental family.

In the Office

megans headshot When assisting chair side, Megan finds root canals to be the most interesting procedure; just because they’re always different. She says that one of her favorite things about dentistry is watching the process of broken down teeth transform into “something pretty” through crown and bridge work.

One of the strangest things that she has seen, so far, is the person who lost a tooth from their partial denture and had it replaced with one of their own (rather than an acrylic) tooth, wow!

And as far as patients go, she loves working with middle-aged and older ladies, because they always seem to have such a fun sense of humor. She does empathize with the folks who have dental anxiety, after working in all areas of dentistry, she admits to feeling a bit nervous now that she knows exactly what happens.

Megan’s Menagerie

Megan gets bored easily, so you’re not likely to find her sitting around knitting.

“Reading a book is about as calm as I get.”

Her other job title is ‘Zoo Keeper,’ because she runs around after her three children, affectionately referred to as “the monkeys,” a dog named Fallon, PeeWee the cat, and Swiper the ferret. There’s also a fish and her 21-year-old, 6-foot long snake, called Autumn.

Unlike 75% of the rest of the office, she enjoys winters in Maine; back before the usual array of grown up responsibilities got in the way, she used to like to spend her ‘play time’ snowboarding at Sunday River or hitting the snowmobile trails.

Get to Know Her!

We are super excited that Megan is part of the team. Having a Licensed Denturist in the office means that we can do more work in-house, which translates into a quicker turnaround time for our patients – because really; who likes to wait?

If you’re already a patient be sure to say hello the next time you’re in the office. If not, give us a call at 782-5308 to schedule your next dental appointment, especially if you’re a middle-aged, denture-wearing woman with a super duper sense of humor. We’re sure you’ll love Megan as much as we do.

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