forensic dentistry

Forensic Dentistry

Happy Halloween, Tooth Fans! You may be surprised to learn that dentists enjoy Halloween just as much as the rest of the “normal” population. And no, it’s not because we get more business due to the large number of cavities formed during the heavy sugar consumption this holiday spawns. Although,

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comic strip couple husband snoring

The Sleepy Snorer & Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Greetings tooth fans! This month’s blog post topic is part 2 in my series on sleep dentistry. Last time we talked about nocturnal bruxism (grinding your teeth at night), and I alluded to how sleep disordered breathing can be a contributing factor to this condition. Today I’ll talk a little

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dr. lake and dr. drews postcard stuck in the sand at the beach

Summer’s Just Started & We’re Making Waves

The summer has just started, kids & teachers have just finished with school, and already the doctors at Drews Dental Services are making waves! Sharing My Story on Career Day I was delighted to deliver a few presentations on dentistry at Tripp Middle School’s career day in Turner, which was

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silly couple in bed with the covers pulled up over their mouths

Must You Grind Your Teeth Like That?!

Hello Tooth Fans! Have you ever heard the sound of someone grinding their teeth?It’s one of those noises that makes your hair stand on end and sends chills up your spine! It’s no wonder the Bible depicts Hell as containing “wailing and gnashing of teeth.” Most of the time when I

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kayla, renee, and chelsea in the office with a painting of the dentists on the wall

Superheroes and Sidekicks

Dr. Drews and I like superheroes. Superheroes are fantastic in their problem solving abilities and their passion for helping others. In fact, on days when our egos are really inflated, we fancy ourselves to be superheroes and decide to dress the part. Nah, we’re not that narcissistic, just fun loving

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pregnant woman holding her belly with the words pregnancy and oral health highlighted

Can Aliens (or Babies) Ruin Your Teeth?

Has your body been invaded by an alien (a baby human)?. . . then this blog post is for you! I don’t think it’s any secret that I really like aliens. (Both the Sci-Fi kind and the baby human kind.) I’m not sure if aliens from outer space actually exist;

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