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a man bent down tying his shoe and holding his dog's leash in his mouth

Please Don’t Use Your Teeth

Winter is coming, my friends, and so are the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, Festivus – whatever your religious or familial customs it’s a safe bet that you will witness, or perhaps even partake in, a time honored tradition which I have come to dread as a dentist . . . OPENING STUFF WITH […]

may the floss be with you

Why You Should (Still) Floss

  • Kristie Lake, DMD
Inquiring minds want to know what Dr. Drews and Dr. Lake think about the recent associated press report that states studies don’t support flossing. The AP article has certainly made its rounds. Here’s the general gist: The AP looked at the most rigorous research conducted over the past decade, focusing on 25 studies that generally […]

Young girl with Dr. Drews during her dental visit

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Children who have their first (positive) dental experience when they are very young tend to have a better outlook towards dental care throughout life. The role of a parent is key in achieving a successful visit. However, we know that for some, a child’s dental appointment can actually be more nerve wracking for you, the […]

fun hello from Dr. Kristie Lake

A Hardy Hello from Dr. Lake

  • Kristie Lake, DMD
Hi, tooth fans! This is Dr. Kristie Lake here. I wanted to share with everyone just how excited I am to be joining the talented and friendly staff at Drews Dental Services in Lewiston. First, a bit about me . . . As I’ve been telling all my new patients, I’m new to Dr. Drews’ […]