The Use of Waterlase in Modern Dentistry

We all know cavities are preventable, but even I miss flossing my teeth on some nights. When we get a cavity it is not a fun experience to fix this problem. Children, or even adults, fear to seek dental treatment because of past experiences that were traumatic. Many times the

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magnifying crowded front teeth

Why Are My Front Teeth Getting Crowded?

Everyone wants to be at the front of the crowd, plane, or line at the DMV, and this is no different when it comes to your teeth. As we age, our teeth have a tendency to shift towards the front or midline (dental vocab. word of the day is, ‘mesial’)

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Dr. Drews speaking with a patient

Bad Breath & How To Prevent It

Whenever I have a new patient in my chair, I always ask this same question: “As your dental provider, what would you like me to do to improve the health of your mouth?” One of the most common responses I get is, “How do I get rid of bad breath?” 

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Bruxism and Stress

Our bodies are profoundly affected by stress during our daily routine. Many times, the effects of this stress can manifest in surprising and subconscious ways that can be compromising to our total health. One of these effects, teeth grinding, is now estimated to affect over 40 million Americans, including both

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3 Or More Sugary Sodas A Day = 62% More Dental Decay!

We all know soda’s bad for us, but reading a statistic helps put a new spin on just how bad it can be for our teeth. A University of Michigan analysis of dental checkup data from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey notes that adults who drink three

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Fresh Oral Health Resolutions That Go Beyond Brushing

You’ve spent nearly your whole life brushing and flossing your teeth and attending regular dental appointments in order to keep your mouth healthy. But there are plenty of reasons why you might want to go beyond these basic steps to achieve even better oral health in the new year. Whether

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A Bite Out of History – Chewing Gum

Dentist Thomas Bramwell Welch (1825-1903) of Vineland, New Jersey, created an unfermented grape sugar in 1869 that he called “Dr. Welch’s Unfermented Wine.” In 1869, William F. Semple (1834-1922), a dentist in Ohio was the first inventor to patent chewing gum. Semple hoped that people would be able to clean

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teeth before and after bleaching

What Causes Discolored Teeth?

Stained or discolored teeth can turn an otherwise attractive smile into a an unsightly grin. Even though it’s may only be a cosmetic issue, it can also impact your ability to interact with the world at large. While there are two basic causes of discolored teeth, intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic

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Dr. Drews big smile

I’ll Give You Four Reasons to Smile!

That’s me. Smiling. What am I smiling about? It could be my dog sitting and wagging his tail while farting, any scene with ‘Bubbles’ from “The Trailer Park Boys,” or driving up to the toll booth to find the attendant has gone on a break and I don’t have to

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Is Fruit Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

Many people have asked me whether or not fruit is bad for your teeth. The answer is that it depends. We all know that the main reason people like fruit compared to vegetables is because of the sugar. The question is, does the sugar in fruit cause tooth decay? There

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Allergies and Your Dentist

If you have allergies, whether they’re food-related or otherwise, you’re no doubt accustomed to exercising caution at parties, the grocery store, restaurants and other places where you might inadvertently purchase or be served something you’re allergic to. But there’s someplace else where you should be careful that might not be

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How to Get Rid of Garlic Bad Breath

It has been found that drinking milk while eating garlic is good for neutralizing garlic breath. The fat and water content in the milk has been found to soak up the allyl methyl sulfide (AMS) gas that dissolves in the blood stream and eventually causes garlic breath. Drinking water while

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Probiotics Good for Oral Health

Probiotics are live micro-organisms, which are thought to be beneficial to the stomach. However, a new study out of Spain finds they are also good for your teeth. Researchers at International University in Barcelona, Spain, looked at the effects of probiotics on gingivitis, bad breath and cavity development. Researchers found

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close-up of veneers

Perfect Veneers

According to a study from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, patients spent an estimated $372 million on dental veneers. That’s a lot of hard-earned money invested in Hollywood smiles. If you’re considering dental veneers as a way to improve your own smile, be sure to do your homework so

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Star Smile Secrets: Braces or Veneers?

By Dr. Gerald Curatola, Published September 24, 2008, Crooked teeth have been a problem since 50,000 BC according to archaeologists who have found ancient Greek orthodontic appliances-the precursor to today’s braces. When it comes to modern braces, it’s not just kids anymore. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, the number

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Which is Worse, Dog Bite or Human Bite?

The question about whether a dog bite or human bite is worse would depend largely on where in the world you are.  If you were in the developing world, rabies becomes a major factor and you would much rather be bitten by a human where rabies is much less likely.

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