About Dr. Patel

Dr. Hena Patel, DMD

Dr. Hena Patel graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree and then went on to the University of New England’s School of Dental Medicine where she obtained her Doctorate of Dental Medicine. During dental school, she was part of a scholarship program that focused on rural healthcare in Maine.

She grew up in Florida, but lucky for us she has officially put down roots in Maine! She loves all four seasons and even though she gets anxiety driving in the snow, she adores Maine and has taken up skiing, fishing, ice skating, hiking, and even tent camping.

Dr. Hena is excited to be part of an office and clinical team seriously dedicated to continued education and the cutting edge of technology and procedures while still having a fun sense of humor and an inviting, relaxed atmosphere.

She is an active member of the Maine Dental Association, the Young Dentists Study Club, and also serves as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Merrymeeting Bay Dental Society. Public health is a large part of what makes Dr. Hena passionate about dentistry and she also volunteers as a dental provider at the Oasis Free Dental Clinics in Brunswick whenever possible.

Dr. Hena Patel at Drews Dental in Lewiston, Maine