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We are a team of highly trained, compassionate, licensed dental professionals who look forward to welcoming you into our dental family. Our office is located in the heart of Lewiston, Maine, an old Franco-American mill town. We are conveniently positioned on a major artery (Route 126), just down from St. Mary’s Regional Hospital and Central Maine Medical Center (pun, very much intended).

The building we’re in, once the residence of a medical doctor and his family, which then changed into a doctor’s office, has been a dental office for the last forty years. Many of our patients, who have ties to the mills and other local industries, have shared stories about their relationship to this building’s history and we’re very fortunate to be surrounded by such a diverse group of local business professionals, educational institutions, and cultural venues. We often stroll the Bates College campus and Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary when we want to get out of the office and take a walk during lunch in the warmer months!

Our goal is to listen, educate and help every one of our patients, regardless of their oral condition and income level, to achieve and maintain a healthy, stable mouth as well as a smile to be proud of. In a society that is becoming increasingly homogenized and corporate, our office strives to build a relationship with every single person who sits in one of our chairs.

Experience Dentistry Designed for You

We strive to inform our patients of their current oral conditions. We also recognize that your time is valuable, which is why each appointment you schedule reserves a time slot dedicated to you. Our goal is to never keep you waiting.

Infection Control and Sterilization

We strictly maintain sterilization and cross contamination processes to conform to rigorous standards in accordance with the ADA (American Dental Association), OSHA and CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines. Our priority is the safety and protection of our patients and our staff.

Treatment Co-ordination and Case Presentation

We separate ourselves from the crowd by dividing treatment plans into elective and necessary procedures. Our goal is for you to leave the office with a thorough understanding of diagnosis, treatment and fees. The business team will work with you to create a financial strategy that is comfortable for each individual.

Technology and Education

We invest in the latest equipment, professional development and training, so that our patients can confidently invest in their dental health. We remain informed by attending lectures on new techniques and products so as to provide state of the art service. Additionally, being members of various professional associations keeps us current with changes and recommendations.


We pride ourselves in treating every person and their mouth as an individual. Our primary focus with any type of restorative work is on creating a stable, functional, and disease-free mouth, that is both healthy and smile worthy.


We are a team of highly skilled clinicians who are committed to continued education and learning. Therefore, we place a strong emphasis on the value of preventive care and periodontal therapies to maintain optimum oral hygiene, and believe that this is the cornerstone of every one of our patient’s oral health.

Discounts Available

10% Discount for Senior Citizens Senior citizens are eligible to receive a discount on dental treatment

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Over 85% of our patients are from referrals.